If you are having trouble completing your order dont worry, we have provided an extensive guide from start to finish to help you buy all the items that you like in our shop!
Pick out the item you would like to buy.
Choose the correct size for your body type by consulting our size guide.
After you choose the size you like, press on the buy now! button.
At the shopping bag, you will be able to review your items, edit the number of each item,
or even delete an item. After choosing your payment method and filling out your details,
press on the confirm order button.
At the order confirmation step you can review your order and either use the edit details
button, should you choose to edit any of your choices or use the secure checkout button
if you agree with the order details.
The last step depends on the payment method you choose.
- Cash on delivery: all you have to do is wait for us to contact you.
- Credit card: you will be redirected to Viva Payments to complete your checkout.
- Paypal: You will be redirected to paypal to complete your checkout.
Finally you will be redirected back to our website and your order will be complete. You will also receive
an email with your complete order and another email as soon as your items ship out.
We hope this guide has been helpfull. For further assistance dont hesitate to contact us.